Friday, November 14, 2008

Winner and Art You Eat #6

Drumroll please..........

The lovely and fabulous by CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes! and her oh so darling Caramel Apple Cupcakes won the Autumn round of competition!

So, without further ado (because I am way too excited) guess what Clara let me help suggest (ok, talk her into) as the next theme.............................

Cupcakes!! That's right people. A cupcake event. Of course, since this is Art You Eat, you know there is going to be a catch right? We want to see your Winter / Holiday inspired cupcakes. So, Art You Eat #6 is all about SEASONAL CUPCAKES!

I'm not just talking Christmas here. If you have an idea for a cupcake - whether inspired by a snowflake or snowball, your favorite winter sport or activity - whether inspired by Christmas or Kwannza or Hanukkah or New Year's or whatever - whether the inspiration comes in your decorating or your flavors, bring on those cupcakes ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I do realize that it isn't winter everywhere in the world, but I'm hoping even if you are in a different season, perhaps you'll feel like joining in with some cool flavors, colors, or whatever - just get inspired!

Bring them on!

Recognizing it is the holiday season and everyone is busy, you have a nice amount of time to put something together, post it and email me BY JAN. 5TH!

Here is the information to email me at:

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I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Happy Holidays and Have a Fabulous Winter!


CB said...

I won! I won! and puleeze! You totally didn't have to convince *ME* for very long to do a cupcake inspired AYE theme. HAHA. I heart my winner badge. ;)

PheMom said...

I know haha! In case anyone wanted to bash the idea I figured I'd take some of the heat! :)

Mary said...

Hooray for cupcakes! Now if I can manage to take an artful photo...

And yeah those apple cupcakes are beyond cute.

Happy cook said...

I love cup cakes, count me in for the fun, now just have to looks for a delicious cupcake.

Cristie said...

Yep! I'll join you in the cupcake round-up! Sounds like great winter fun! Thanks,

Maris said...

The lighting in my kitchen is so terrible that I'm not sure how artful my photo would be. But in any event, yours look amazing!

Amanda said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds looking at this page!

rookie cookie said...

Post a new contest already!

Amanda, roger that.

Maris, take picture in mid-day light. Turn your blinds a bit so it isn't direct light and then take the picture. Food pix are always better in natural light.

Elra said...

What a beautiful cuppies. Amazing how many good and delicious recipe for humble cuppies.