Sunday, September 7, 2008

Art You Eat #5 - Autumn Edition Announcement

Drumroll please .............................................................

The winner of Art You Eat #4 - Special Effects was Chriesi from Almond Corner with her Strawberry Sorbet cubes! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

As winner, Chriesi got to choose the next theme and since this edition is for the Autumn / Fall quarter she has decided, quite appropriately to go with an Autumn theme!

So, your mission should you choose to accept it is to create an Autumn inspired dish using seasonal ingredients and/or colors (ie, pumpkin, squash, wild meats, pears, apples, etc, etc, etc! Also autumn colors - oranges, rusts, reds, deep golden yellows, browns, etc, etc).

If it is Autumn-ish and inspires you then please translate that into a dish - savory or sweet - and email me your creation. I am setting the deadline this time around as November 5th. That gives everyone plenty of time to brainstorm and make something (and gives those of us that want to try your dish out this Autumn plenty of season to make and enjoy your idea.

So - please just email me your entry at artyoueat [at] gmail [dot] com by November 5th with the following and you are in the running!

- Name
- Your Location
- Blog Name
- Blog URL
- Creation Permalink
- Your Creation Name
- A photo of your creation 250 x 250 pixels
- Don't forget to link your post to here

Let's all get busy and celebrate this beautiful season of the harvest!

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