Friday, November 14, 2008

Winner and Art You Eat #6

Drumroll please..........

The lovely and fabulous by CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes! and her oh so darling Caramel Apple Cupcakes won the Autumn round of competition!

So, without further ado (because I am way too excited) guess what Clara let me help suggest (ok, talk her into) as the next theme.............................

Cupcakes!! That's right people. A cupcake event. Of course, since this is Art You Eat, you know there is going to be a catch right? We want to see your Winter / Holiday inspired cupcakes. So, Art You Eat #6 is all about SEASONAL CUPCAKES!

I'm not just talking Christmas here. If you have an idea for a cupcake - whether inspired by a snowflake or snowball, your favorite winter sport or activity - whether inspired by Christmas or Kwannza or Hanukkah or New Year's or whatever - whether the inspiration comes in your decorating or your flavors, bring on those cupcakes ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I do realize that it isn't winter everywhere in the world, but I'm hoping even if you are in a different season, perhaps you'll feel like joining in with some cool flavors, colors, or whatever - just get inspired!

Bring them on!

Recognizing it is the holiday season and everyone is busy, you have a nice amount of time to put something together, post it and email me BY JAN. 5TH!

Here is the information to email me at:

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I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Happy Holidays and Have a Fabulous Winter!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art You Eat #5 - Autumn Edition Round-Up

What a FANTASTIC job everyone has done in their Autumn Art You Eat creations! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who was able to participate! You are all amazing.

Please email your vote for your favorite (or favorites) to artyoueat[at]gmail[dot]com by Nov. 12th at midnight (US Mtn Std Time). Thanks again!

Apple Cider Yeast Doughnuts by Holly at PheMOMenon (wacky creator of Art You Eat Event - me!)

Pumpkin Risotti by Chriesi at Almond Corner, Winner from AYE4 and Theme Hostess for this Autumn Edition!

Apple Trifle with Apple Doughnuts by Manggy at No Special Effects

Caramel Apple Cupcakes by CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Art You Eat Autumn Edition - Round-Up Coming Soon

Round-Up Coming Soon to a blog near you! This one! Watch for the Autumn Edition of Art You Eat entries to be posted hopefully this weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!!

Holly @ PheMOMenon