Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art You Eat #2 - The Round-up - Eggs & Egg Shapes

The round-up for Art You Eat #2 – Eggs & Egg Shapes. The Easter holiday has come and gone for those that celebrated it in March, Spring is here for some, almost for others and months away for even more.

I am so grateful to all of our lovely participants this time around for sending in your egg-y creations for all of us to admire.

Here are the entrants, in the order they appeared in my inbox. The entries with a red title are the three finalists for this round, as chosen by myself and Inge of African Vanijle, the winner of Art You Eat #1 - "Chocolate."

Please check-out all the participants and then email your vote for one of the three finalists that most captured the idea of the theme to me by March 31st and we will announce the winner and “host” of the next round who will choose the theme for April.

Oh, and here is my little contribution. Chocolate filled eggs.

I wanted to give a big thanks to Inge for her creation again last month, and for her inspired choice for this month's theme. I think it was a wonderful theme that proved to put a bit of a challenge to us all.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I really hope you will join in for the next round too! We’ll announce the winner around the 31st and announce the theme for April as well. Please email your vote for your favorite finalist below to me by March 31st:

artyoueat AT gmail DOT com

Johnny Zone from Venice, CA blogs at Le Petit Kitchen. Johnny sent in this fabulous idea for how to make your next Creme Brulee, with an edge - Creme Brulee baking in egg with vanilla foam.

Amanda, aka Mrs.W, from Central NY, USA, who of course is blogging from Mrs.W's Kitchen sent in these adorable little Egg Chicks.

Alexandra, from New York, USA, blogging at Addicted Sweet Tooth went the extra mile and showed us all that you never have to buy a Chocolate Easter Bunny from the store again.

Lisa, from London, Ontario, who is, of course, blogging from Lisa's Kitchen gives us a savory egg dish that sounds as lovely as it looks with her Greek Feta and Olive Frittata.

Aran, from Florida, USA, and blogging at Cannelle Et Vanille was kind enough to show us how to make a Milk Chocolate Cream with Milk Cloud, and seriously, how good does that sound!

Caramella Mou, coming to us from the UK and blogging at Caramella Cooks sent in a lovely way to make an Easter Egg Basket that you can eat - plus, you get to craft and bake!

, blogging to make life sweeter! all the way from The Hague, The Netherlands, sent in these Ganache birds nest with caramel ganache filled eggs which sound and look truly delightful.

Emily, who is “An American in Paris”, is bloggin at Tomato Kumato and shows us all more ways to enjoy The Incredible Edible Egg.

Chriesi, of Zürich, Switzerland, is blogging at Almond Corner with this simply gorgeous Easter Eggs that look perfectly amazing!

Gretchen Noelle, from Lima, Peru and the wonderful Canela & Comino blog sent in these adorable Egg Shaped Sugar Cookies - simple and sublime - I am pretty sure I could eat a dozen!

Marquita, blogging at My Sweetest Dreams from Florida, USA sent us these Easter "Eggs" - the secret? These aren't eggs - what a seriously fun way to serve cake!

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to all of our amazing participants! Now, go and browse all these amazing blogs and don't forget to email me your vote!


Mrs. W said...

What a great roundup, and so many fabulous creations!

Caramella Mou said...

Finally the round-up's published, I've been so looking forward to everyone's creations. Wow is all I can say, they are all so beautiful.

But I'm voting for Mrs W's cheeky chicks, they are gorgeous and they are so going on the list of things to do next Easter. What a brilliant idea!

Aran said...

beautiful round up, even though i didn't make it to the finalists! but well done evryone! emailed you my vote.

linda said...

Great round-up, so much fun to see all the corners of egg-dom ;)

Lisa said...

What a fabulous idea for a roundup. A great collection of creative egg art!

Gretchen Noelle said...

These look super fun! I enjoy seeing what everyone has come up with when it comes to eggs! Great ideas!

Gloria said...

Hi, sorry but I can`t enter to your mail to vote, So may I vote here. My vote is for EGG CHICKS of Amanda, AKA Mrs.W. Is lovely!!!

my mail is

and my blog

Many thanks (So nice round up!!)

chriesi said...

Thanks for the great round up.

Anonymous said...

Marquita's eggs made of cake are the most exciting of the lot. Wow!