Saturday, May 3, 2008

Art You Eat #3 - Go Local! The Round-up

Here is the round-up for the challenging round 3 of Art You Eat. For the background of what this round is all about, check out the original announcement here. The theme for this round was chosen by Mrs. W, who won AYE2.

For this Go Local! Round we may only have had seven competitors, but what we lacked in quantity was easily made up for in quality. These ladies went all out in creativity and really thinking their entries through. Please be sure to check out all of their incredible posts.

Please take a look at all the entries -everyone did such an amazing job! The winner and my co-host for the next round will be chosen by email votes and will choose the next round's theme. I have highlighted Mrs. W's favorites with a little note from her below as the finalists. Just comment on this post by May 7th to vote for your favorite finalist!

For my humble little contribution, I made a Blackberry Peach Clafoutis from last summer's preserved berries and bottled peaches which you can read about over at my blog, PheMOMenon. My favorite part of this version was the dark brown sugar in the batter and the crusted crystallized sugary goodness on the berries. We said Go Local! after all - this is relatively healthy (by my standards anyway)! ; ) Now, go, enjoy the rest of the goodness brought to you by the amazing participants that took on the Go Local! challenge!

OhioMom from Cleveland, Ohio made this beautiful Country Apple Pie
as her entry from her blog Cooking in Cleveland . The apples she uses come from a nearby orchard. So lucky and so very delicious!

Maggie from Michigan made Foraged Ramps and Free Range Eggs at Dog Hill Kitchen.
Maggie has a wonderful blog with lots of great information and
a lot of really beautiful creations for you to see that a healthier lifestyle can be
just as delicious (if not more so)! Go - be convinced!
FINALIST: Dog Hill Kitchen: Buckwheat Crepes and Ramps - Beautiful photography; I love, love, love that she PICKED her own ramps! (And described what they were.)

Michelle from Illinois and the blog Big Black Dogs made this beautiful Jelly on a Porch Rail -
go to her post to find out the yummy and unique kind of beautiful jelly it is. I love this picture too, because it just makes me feel like I can feel the warm sunshine on my face!
FINALIST: Big Black Dog: By Any Other Name... Habanero Gold Jelly - This is a great entry--what's more local than canning jelly from a seasonal harvest then enjoying the bounty year-round? The photo taken outdoors is lovely and is that extra step to embrace nature and the theme.

Chriesi from Zurich, Switzerland joined in the fun again this time from
Almond Corner and gives us this Hungarian Rakott Krumpli .
All I can say here is bacon, potatoes, breadcrumbs, sour cream?
Oh, you know I am so in - this is a dish after my own heart! Seriously yummy!

Mimi from Brooklyn, New York and her blog Mimi on the Move hit the local Farmers Market and made some really incredible looking Chicken Marsala and a Roasted Rosemary Turkey. The Chicken Marsala (yum!!!) is pictured above - you have to go see all her other pictures too. She sent me a different picture, but I couldn't get it to work (dumb Blogger) for some reason, so I snagged this one from her post because it makes me really hungry!
FINALIST: Mimi on the Move: Going Local at the Farmer's Markets -
I love that she took a picture of being at the market, the produce
she brought home and then the finished dishes.

Becke the Columbus Foodie from, of course, Columbus, Ohio, made
Sauteed Veal with Ramps and Morels over Ravioli.
I really am getting pretty hungry here. If you could just box some of that
up and send it my way... too bad for me! We'll just all have to try to make it ourselves!

Caramella Mou from Caramella Cooks and the UK joins us
again with her really creative Alternative Sushi. Caramella thinks it still needs some fine tuning,
but I think it looks pretty darn spectacular.
You really have to go check out how she put this together!

Thank You again to everyone who participated
and to Mrs. W for the great theme!

Don't forget to comment on this post to vote!