Thursday, June 19, 2008

AYE #3 Winner & AYE #4 Announcement

SO SORRY ALL! I've been so swamped with other projects that I have been putting off announcing AYE #4 - admittedly forgetting that I was neglecting to announce who won AYE#3! Bad Holly! No donut!

So... because I am still swamped (and currently typing one-handed) but don't want to put this off any longer the winner of AYE #3 was Michelle from Illinois and the blog Big Black Dogs with her beautiful Jelly on a Porch Rail!

Because life is getting a bit crazier around our house these days, and because there are sooooo many great events out there, to give more folks a chance to participate and to help with my schedule, I've decided to make Art You Eat a bi-monthly event instead of monthly. So, the deadline for this next event will be August 1st. It should give us all a chance to really think up some amazing ideas and have the time to execute them.

Now, on to AYE #4 - SPECIAL EFFECTS! Michelle and I agreed that it would be fun to see what shapes and patterns you all could come up with.

Think patterns, think special shapes, think moulded items, think "special effects" - putting a spin on the "normal" shape of a creation, or implementing and improvising shapes. Be it cake, cookies, something savory - hot, cold, sweet or sour, shaped breads, whatever your little heart desires - as long as it has a special shape to it.

For example, maybe you have always wanted to try piping cake batter or decorating cut-out shaped cookies and have a great idea or recipe to share? Perfect! Maybe you've always wanted to make steak pinwheels or you have a knack for making a fruit bouquet or you are a garnish master - show us what shapes make you think of!

As always, email your entry to me as follows by the end of the deadline August 1st!

Email to artyoueat[at]gmail[dot]com

Include the following:

- Your Name
- Your Blog Name
- Your Blog URL
- Your Location
- Title of Your Creation
- Permalink to Your Creation
- A picture of your creation (preferably 250 pixels wide)


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Bonbon Oiseau said...

what a great idea. hmmmm...this is such a nice blog--will come back (and think about my entry!)