Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winter Cupcakes Round-Up and an Announcement

My sincerest apologies to all of you who have been waiting to see the round-up and participated in the challenge. I just can't seem to keep track of this event when I'm trying to put the information over here on a separate blog with a separate email address.

So, AYE is in for some big changes. The first big change - this separate blog will be no more after this round-up. It will still be here as an archive and I will add links over at PheMOMenon, but all postings will happen at PheMOMenon instead.

My next change is going to be how the themes are chosen. Let me explain why I'm making these changes. When I first put together this event it was to explore specific ingredients, techniques, and recipes as well as different types of creations that we can all use our creativity to come up with a different spin on.

I want it to be a collection of all the cool stuff that all my cool food blogging friends can put together - and it definitely has been exactly that, but not to the extreme I want it to be. That is my fault because I've done a rather lousy job as a host. I need to do better. I hope that these changes are the start of this! I will soon be announcing the new Art You Eat event on PheMOMenon!

Without further ado, here is the roundup for the Cupcakes - please vote for a winner and they will receive the winning badge! You have until March 20th (midnight MST) to vote!

White Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes, by CB aka Clara at i heart cuppycakes!

White Chocolate & Cranberry Cupcakes with white chocolate, cranberry,pistachio cream cheese frosting from Jen at Beantown Baker

Orange Cupcakes with Prunes and Chocolate by Zozó at Cooking Star

Chocolate Shiner Stout Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Bailey's Buttercream Frosting, by Sherra at Baking Up Chaos

Brownies Cupcakes by Priyasuresh at Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

Christmas Cupcakes by Happy Cook at My Kitchen Treasures

Snowmen Cupcakes by Nicisme at Cherrapeno

Friday, November 14, 2008

Winner and Art You Eat #6

Drumroll please..........

The lovely and fabulous by CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes! and her oh so darling Caramel Apple Cupcakes won the Autumn round of competition!

So, without further ado (because I am way too excited) guess what Clara let me help suggest (ok, talk her into) as the next theme.............................

Cupcakes!! That's right people. A cupcake event. Of course, since this is Art You Eat, you know there is going to be a catch right? We want to see your Winter / Holiday inspired cupcakes. So, Art You Eat #6 is all about SEASONAL CUPCAKES!

I'm not just talking Christmas here. If you have an idea for a cupcake - whether inspired by a snowflake or snowball, your favorite winter sport or activity - whether inspired by Christmas or Kwannza or Hanukkah or New Year's or whatever - whether the inspiration comes in your decorating or your flavors, bring on those cupcakes ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I do realize that it isn't winter everywhere in the world, but I'm hoping even if you are in a different season, perhaps you'll feel like joining in with some cool flavors, colors, or whatever - just get inspired!

Bring them on!

Recognizing it is the holiday season and everyone is busy, you have a nice amount of time to put something together, post it and email me BY JAN. 5TH!

Here is the information to email me at:

Blog Name
Creation Name
Creation Post URL (Permalink)
Photo (250px)

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Happy Holidays and Have a Fabulous Winter!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art You Eat #5 - Autumn Edition Round-Up

What a FANTASTIC job everyone has done in their Autumn Art You Eat creations! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who was able to participate! You are all amazing.

Please email your vote for your favorite (or favorites) to artyoueat[at]gmail[dot]com by Nov. 12th at midnight (US Mtn Std Time). Thanks again!

Apple Cider Yeast Doughnuts by Holly at PheMOMenon (wacky creator of Art You Eat Event - me!)

Pumpkin Risotti by Chriesi at Almond Corner, Winner from AYE4 and Theme Hostess for this Autumn Edition!

Apple Trifle with Apple Doughnuts by Manggy at No Special Effects

Caramel Apple Cupcakes by CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Art You Eat Autumn Edition - Round-Up Coming Soon

Round-Up Coming Soon to a blog near you! This one! Watch for the Autumn Edition of Art You Eat entries to be posted hopefully this weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!!

Holly @ PheMOMenon

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Art You Eat #5 - Autumn Edition Announcement

Drumroll please .............................................................

The winner of Art You Eat #4 - Special Effects was Chriesi from Almond Corner with her Strawberry Sorbet cubes! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

As winner, Chriesi got to choose the next theme and since this edition is for the Autumn / Fall quarter she has decided, quite appropriately to go with an Autumn theme!

So, your mission should you choose to accept it is to create an Autumn inspired dish using seasonal ingredients and/or colors (ie, pumpkin, squash, wild meats, pears, apples, etc, etc, etc! Also autumn colors - oranges, rusts, reds, deep golden yellows, browns, etc, etc).

If it is Autumn-ish and inspires you then please translate that into a dish - savory or sweet - and email me your creation. I am setting the deadline this time around as November 5th. That gives everyone plenty of time to brainstorm and make something (and gives those of us that want to try your dish out this Autumn plenty of season to make and enjoy your idea.

So - please just email me your entry at artyoueat [at] gmail [dot] com by November 5th with the following and you are in the running!

- Name
- Your Location
- Blog Name
- Blog URL
- Creation Permalink
- Your Creation Name
- A photo of your creation 250 x 250 pixels
- Don't forget to link your post to here

Let's all get busy and celebrate this beautiful season of the harvest!

Feel free to use this small badge
in your post or on your blog's sidebar!

Friday, August 22, 2008

AYE #4: Special Effects Round-Up

August has just been completely crazy! It would seem that the busy craziness of the summer winding down has gotten me as I wasn't even able to participate in my own event this time! Rather than keep holding up the process of getting the round-up posted for those who did participate I am just going to have to get the round-up going without me.

So, though we were small in numbers this time around we had some very creative entries!

Make sure to email your vote to me at artyoueat [at] gmail [dot] com by August 27, 2008. Winner chooses the next theme!

First up we have Chriesi from Almond Corner over in Switzerland, who is always so amazingly creative. This time she brings these darling Strawberry Sorbet cubes.

Paula at Half Baked in Alabama brings us her Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquet - and how seriously creative and fun is that! The perfect dessert centerpiece for your next garden party (ok, so I just wish I had a garden to party in, but you get the picture!)

Priya from Boston who's blog is live2cookBlog made these Multi Grain Pancake Balls that look so darling and fun - hey, maybe this is the way to get kids to eat their grains!

And from AYE #3's winner Michelle at Big Black Dog in Illinois went all out and made these Animal Crackers All Dressed in Plaid - and yeah, she hand-painted them - so how cool is that!?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

AYE #3 Winner & AYE #4 Announcement

SO SORRY ALL! I've been so swamped with other projects that I have been putting off announcing AYE #4 - admittedly forgetting that I was neglecting to announce who won AYE#3! Bad Holly! No donut!

So... because I am still swamped (and currently typing one-handed) but don't want to put this off any longer the winner of AYE #3 was Michelle from Illinois and the blog Big Black Dogs with her beautiful Jelly on a Porch Rail!

Because life is getting a bit crazier around our house these days, and because there are sooooo many great events out there, to give more folks a chance to participate and to help with my schedule, I've decided to make Art You Eat a bi-monthly event instead of monthly. So, the deadline for this next event will be August 1st. It should give us all a chance to really think up some amazing ideas and have the time to execute them.

Now, on to AYE #4 - SPECIAL EFFECTS! Michelle and I agreed that it would be fun to see what shapes and patterns you all could come up with.

Think patterns, think special shapes, think moulded items, think "special effects" - putting a spin on the "normal" shape of a creation, or implementing and improvising shapes. Be it cake, cookies, something savory - hot, cold, sweet or sour, shaped breads, whatever your little heart desires - as long as it has a special shape to it.

For example, maybe you have always wanted to try piping cake batter or decorating cut-out shaped cookies and have a great idea or recipe to share? Perfect! Maybe you've always wanted to make steak pinwheels or you have a knack for making a fruit bouquet or you are a garnish master - show us what shapes make you think of!

As always, email your entry to me as follows by the end of the deadline August 1st!

Email to artyoueat[at]gmail[dot]com

Include the following:

- Your Name
- Your Blog Name
- Your Blog URL
- Your Location
- Title of Your Creation
- Permalink to Your Creation
- A picture of your creation (preferably 250 pixels wide)